101 IN 1001


Here it goes – thanks to Mackenzie, the 101 in 1001 lists have gone viral, so obviously I wanted to make one too. I definitely agree that it’s a nice compromise between a bucket list and a to-do list, and I’m really excited to see how many things I can knock off the list!

Start: October 1, 2013
End: June 28, 2016

1. Create a 101 in 1001 list. (October 2013)
2. Complete a half marathon. (April 2014)
3. Be asked to guest blog somewhere! (March 2014, Mindy Mae’s Market)
4. Get a job in the fashion industry. (May 2014, Perry Ellis)
5. Treat myself to a spa day.
6. Go to a Penguins/Rangers game at MSG. (December 2013, AND THE PENS WON!)
7. Have brunch at The Plaza.
8. Take my mom to a Notre Dame football home game.
9. Redesign Pink Champagne Problems. (Started May 2014 *coming soon*)
10. Buy my own URL for Pink Champagne Problems. (May 2014, *coming soon*)
11. Create business cards for my blog.  (November 2013)
12. Clean out my closet – and donate it all.
13. Invest in a classic handbag (hopefully a Chanel).
14. Send 20 handwritten notes/letters. (8/20)
15. Take a trip to Chicago.
16. Go to Ireland with my mom and sister.
17. Subscribe to Women’s Wear Daily.
18. Attend a fashion bloggers’ conference.
19. Connect with 5 blogger friends, in person.
20. Discover 10 new restaurants.
21. Spend a day with my sister doing what she wants – paid by me.
22. Take a cooking lesson.
23. Attend a movie night in Bryant Park.
24. Go to a farmer’s market (Eastern Market, October 2013)
25. Read 20 new books. (4/20)
26. Launch a blog series with a blog friend!
27. Have a picnic.
28. Go ice-skating in Central Park.
29. Find my signature cocktail. (October 2013, Cosmopolitans all the way)
30. Make date night a once a month routine.
31. Take a bubble bath.
32. Take my baby cousins apple picking.
33. Watch all five “Best Picture” nominees before the Oscars.
34. Buy a drink for the stranger in line behind me at Starbucks.
35. Get my teaching certificate in yoga.
36. Freelance for a magazine – even if it’s one article.
37. Buy a bookshelf and fill it.
38. Social Media-Free Sunday.
39. Visit Pittsburgh – Penguins game, Primantis, Car Hops.
40. Escape for a weekend getaway.
41. Find a cause I’m passionate about, and get involved. (April 2014, Team in Training)
42. Throw a surprise party for a friend.
43. Play golf with my dad again.
44. Plan a surprise staycation.
45. Watch my sister get engaged. (May 2014)
46. Create a schedule for blog topics. (January 2014)
47. Have breakfast in bed.
48. Unsubscribe to those tempting J.Crew emails.
49. Have a Harry Potter movie marathon.
50. Buy stationary with my monogram on it.
51. Spend the day in the New York Public Library.
52. Send flowers to a friend for no reason.
53. Get a Christmas ornament.
54. Give up sushi for Lent.
55. Get a blowout at DryBar. (December 2013, Drybar)
56. Fill an entire journal.
57. Host a giveaway on my blog. (October 2013)
58. Get a puppy (German Shepherd, obviously!).
59. Make a life decision based 100% on what I want/what is best.
60. No shopping for one month.
61. Cut out soda for at least a month.
62. Have a zero balance on both of my credit cards.
63. Host a blogger event.
64. Workout three times a week for a month – or more.
65. Get up to watch the sunrise somewhere beautiful.
66. Play hooky and stay in bed all day, just because.
67. Try a new and unfamiliar workout class.
68. Consistently push myself out of my comfort zone.
69. Go to the top of the Empire State Building.
70. Run the Tunnel to Towers every year.
71. Go on a late night drive.
72. Watch all the Disney Halloween movies.
73. Go to a Pittsburgh bar to watch a Penguins game.
74. Speaking of Penguins, buy a James Neal jersey.
75. Go to brunch in New York City. (December 2013, Libation NYC)
76. Organize my closet.
77. Complete three DIY projects and blog about them.
78. Go to a concert (or two). (Justin Timberlake, November 10, 2013)
79. Find a perfume I like and make it my signature.
80. Work for my dream company.
81. Attend a few shows at New York Fashion Week.
82. Spend a “big girl” paycheck on something nice.
83. Buy a car.
84. Monetize my blog.
85. Spend a weekend in the Hamptons.
86. Attend five networking events. (1/5, here)
87. Leave a 100% tip (May 2014, Mike’s Diner)
88. Take a Pure Barre class.
89. Watch a movie from the year I was born (1992).
90. Buy flowers every week for a month.
91. Start a candle collection.
92. Watch 5 TED Talks. (1/5)
93. See The Nutcracker at the NYC Ballet.
94. Photograph the same landscape in all four seasons.
95. Learn to make five different cocktails…good ones.
96. Host/Plan a girls’ night in NYC.
97. GRADUATE FROM COLLEGE!!! (May 2014, Communications Degree)
98. Celebrate something special with a nice bottle of champagne. (February 2014, Veuve Clicquot)
99. Read The Great Gatsby then watch the movie.
100. Take a wine tasting class.
101. Inspire someone to write their own 101 in 1001 list. (January 2014, Whitley’s List!)


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