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Another Thursday, another round of The Style Mind. Today’s interview is with Brighton Keller, of Brighton The Day. If you don’t already know her, this pretty much sums her up: Fun, bubbly, and a killer shoe collection.
How would you describe your style?
Man, that’s a hard question. I would say classy, sassy, and full of color. But I’m never afraid to try something new.

What do you think affects your style the most (your friends, your job, etc.)?
My mood, 100%. If I’m sleep deprived I will be wearing something baggy. If I’m excited I will probably be wearing something bold and bright. Or if I am feeling sassy I will wear something tight or tailored.

You have a pretty amazing shoe collection, as you work with your mother on her shoe line, Dee Keller Designs — how do shoes play a role in picking out an outfit every morning?
Honestly, shoes come last. I love all my moms shoes and just happen to always find some that work.

Let’s be real: We’re girls. We’re bloggers — We love to shop. Where are your favorite stores?
Nordstrom, ASOS, and Shop Bop

Who are the three biggest designers you love to splurge on?
Theory, JBrand, and Kate Spade

Putting money and budgets aside – what’s more important to you: Frequently shopping/adding new pieces to your closet or utilizing what you already have?
Of course utilizing what I have is important to me but I can’t lie shopping is just too much fun!

What are your favorite things to do and what do you wear when doing them?
I really love watching Netflix in leggings and a big t-shirt. I know it’s not the most glamorous thing but it relaxes my brain! But I also love going out to dinner with my friends, you can usually find me wearing skinny jeans and flowy tops.

What’s the most exciting thing that’s happened to you since starting your blog?
This is going to sound really cheesy but since starting my blog I quit my job as a CPA and started working with my mom. I love what I’m doing and who I get to do it with.

Here’s a fun one – three favorite trends, go:
Distressed denim, crop tops, and color blocking (I don’t know if it’s a trend, but it’s my trend : )

Finally, what’s your biggest piece of advice for my stylish readers?
Don’t compare yourself to others. Wear what you want to because you love it and feel great in it, not because it’s what everyone else is wearing.



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