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I couldn’t tell you how I found Chelsea’s blog, but I’m glad I did. She’s a stylish mama to a beautiful little girl, Lo, and she also happens to be the sweetest person in the world. She has an eye for the simple, but beautiful, things in life and I just had to learn more about her! Be sure to stop by Chelsea and the City and say hello!


How would you describe your style?
My style is neutral, unfussy and classic.

Do you think being a mom (of an absolutely adorable little girl) affects your style?
Definitely! Being a momma has toned down my style a lot. I’m more prone to make fashion choices based on comfort and utility. Where it was once okay to rock heels everyday, now I find myself in a lot of flats and pieces that move easily.

Where do you find most of your style inspiration?
I find most of my style inspiration online. Since I’m constantly curating for my blog, I often turn to Pinterest and other bloggers for style cues of my own. Right now I’m pulling a lot of inspiration from a more organic aesthetic, like Kinfolk Magazine.

Let’s be real: We’re girls. We’re bloggers — We love to shop. Where are your favorite stores?
I recently moved to Alabama and we don’t exactly have the best shopping. I do love to stop by J.Crew and Anthropologie when I’m in town and online I’m addicted to Need Supply Co. and Zara.

Who are the three biggest designers you love to splurge on?
I’m not doing a ton of splurging lately (with a little kid and a new home, you’re always saving for something) but I can always justify a little something from these three:
1. Hackwith Design House
2. Emerson Fry
3. Alexander Wang

Putting money and budgets aside – what’s more important to you: Frequently shopping/adding new pieces to your closet or utilizing what you already have?
I’m a big proponent of the capsule wardrobe. I definitely believe in buying less and buying quality pieces that you’ll use over and over.

What are your favorite things to do and what do you wear when doing them?
I love exploring neighborhoods with my family, coffee dates and working on creative projects. For those things I always find myself wearing practical pieces that still allow me to express myself a little. I’ve been loving comfortable fabrics and interesting cuts (like my asymmetrical wrap skirt from Zara) lately.

What’s the most exciting thing that’s happened to you since starting your blog?
Parlaying my blog into editorial styling work has been so exciting! I’m working with an awesome team of creative women to create some really beautiful conceptual images. It’s a blast!

Here’s a fun one – three favorite trends, go:
I love that dressing simply has turned trendy. I’m all over comfortable (read: ugly) shoes, the capsule wardrobe and lots of dainty jewelry.

Finally, what’s your biggest piece of advice for my stylish readers?
The best style advice I can give is to wear what makes you happy. Dress for you and buy fewer, better quality pieces rather than stocking your closet with trendy pieces that won’t stand the test of time.

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