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We all have our list of favorite bloggers (or at least I hope you all do). As for my list, Mackenzie is on the top of my list. From her amazing style to her adorable boutique, she is the definition of a stylish go-getter! For those of you who do not know Mackenzie, I hope you enjoy getting to know her. And for those of you who have been long time followers, I hope you get to know her a little better!

design darling outfit post joie dawna dress

How would you describe your style?
Preppy with a twist.

You moved to New York City a few years ago. How has that affected your style?
I love people watching and seeing what other people are wearing, but I really do come back to my own tried-and-true classic pieces. I’ll never be the girl who only wears black.

You seem like the girl who loves being inspired by the people around her. Who are your ultimate style inspirations or icons?
Ali McGraw in the movie Love Story, Blair Eadie of the blog Atlantic-Pacific, Loren Hope for her keen eye, Olivia Palermo for her street style, Sara Kate Studios for her delightful Instagram, and all of the women I’ve profiled for career spotlights on Design Darling!

As a fellow New Yorker, I know shopping is one of the best things to do in the city – where are your favorite places to shop?
Jonathan Adler, Otte, and the Club Monaco flagship on Fifth Avenue.

Who are the three biggest designers you love to splurge on?
Alice + Olivia, Kate Spade, and Tory Burch.

Living in a New York apartment can be rough for your closet, so which would you choose: Frequently shopping or utilizing what’s in your closet already?
I have a one in, one out policy: If I’m not wearing it, it gets donated or tossed so I can make room for something I’ll wear more often!

As the owner of Design Darling Boutique, you get to work for yourself and basically wear whatever you want. Do you have a typical “work” outfit?
An oxford shirt, skinny jeans, and either Jacks in the summer or riding boots in the winter.

Here’s a fun one – three favorite trends…go:
Jumpsuits, midi skirts, and off-the-shoulder tops!

And finally, what’s your biggest piece of advice for my stylish readers and maybe some future entrepreneurs?
Find what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life!:)



  1. Mackenzie is one of my favorite bloggers, as well! She has this classic, but fun style. How exciting you were able to interview her!

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