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In my eyes, it’s officially summer.

I cannot believe it’s June already! Isn’t that ridiculous? Here are some things I’m noticing:

Pineapples are the new thing. Ugly sandals (I love mine) are the new trends. Bucket bags are back. Printed shorts are in style. I’ll be sporting each of these four picks this summer – and you can told me to it!

What are you loving this week?
4favoriteslinkup2Head over to Ashlyn + Kristin’s blogs to check out their Four Favorites and to link up your post!


15 thoughts on “FOUR FAVORITES

  1. oh pineapple earrings, i could love you forever! these ones are SUPER cute. I got a pair from aeropostale & i LOVE them. wearing them now actually! ha

    thanks for linking up girl! hope you are having a great week.

  2. Gosh I’m big time loving those sandals!! Who even knows what’s happening… ugly shoes, bucket bags and pineapples… and I’m in love. True bloggers over here 😉 Great picks girl!

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