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1. Want to step up your Instagram game? Loving these tips on how to take the perfect picture.

2. Blair, from Atlantic Pacific, shows off her [perfect] summer looks. Shopping trip, anyone?

3. Need a fresh look for the blog? Be sure to go to Natalie for help. (PS: Big changes here soon).

4. Hallie, a favorite blogger of mine, posts her *best* outfit outtakes. I promise you’ll love her!

5. Crushing miles for a cure – I’ve reached 75% of my goal! Find out how you can help today!

6. Eataly must have known I was a huge Nutella fan – that’s why they made a Nutella Bar.

7. New mantra during my first day of post-grad life.

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Let’s get social: 140-character goodness & endless selfies (with some champagne pics)


5 thoughts on “MONDAY MUSINGS

    • Oh no problem! Loving those posts! And thank you, searching for jobs in merchandising, sales or marketing – fingers crossed!!! But for right now, I’m just enjoying my time back in New York City!

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