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Screen Shot 2014-04-03 at 11.15.01 AMIt’s always fun getting to know fashion students around campus, especially when you know they’re going to go far in the industry one day. Today, I interviewed Francesca Blee, who was just nominated as next year’s Fashion Club President! Her answers are so awesome, and I know you’ll enjoy them!



1. Where are you from & what is your major?
I’m from New Jersey (South Jersey!) I’m a Fashion Merchandising major with a Communications minor.

2. What is your favorite thing about the DC area?
I love how I have access to just about anything.  You really can never be bored here.  If I want to go to a museum, I hop on the metro.  If I want to go to a bar, I hop on the metro.  If I want to go shopping, I hop on the metro.  Anything you could want to do is right there for you.

3. What’s your typical day at MU like?
Waking up is always a challenge, but once I’m up it’s time to get going.  I always have to do my makeup before I start the day, I feel like I’m not fully ready if I don’t.  When I’m finally all ready, then it’s just a day of classes.  This semester isn’t too bad though; I have mainly all classes for my major so I really enjoy them.  I always have my shows to watch at night too!  I’m sadly addicted to The Real World right now.


4. What is your definition of fashion?
I don’t think there is one universal definition for fashion, and that’s why I love it.  Everyone has their own take on what they think it is.  As long as you are confident in what you wear, then that’s fashion.  Of course there are restrictions and common society rules (no leggings to a black tie gala), but you can always put yourself into fashion and that’s what makes it great.

5. How would you describe your style?
I would have to say sometimes I’m all over the place, but I think this year honestly I’ve found my most common track.  I really like to be different, and I don’t think too much of what others are going to think of my outfit.  Sometimes it’s good, other times not so much.  I’ve recently, however, really started to fall in love with 90s fashion.  The crop tops, Dr. Martens, high waisted pants, shirts tied around my waist, I seriously love it all!  I even wear hair scrunchies.  It’s not the style for everyone, I understand that, but I feel so confident and comfortable when I’m dressed like this.  I feel like it’s my personality, that casual look, but effort was put into it.  There’s just something about that 90s style that has drawn me in recently.  I still love to get dressed up, and I’ll go all out, but I would say my daily look has become this 90s girl.

6. Do you have any fashion icons? If so, who are your ultimate ones?
Of course I do. is one of my favorite websites; I love drawing inspiration from other people.  My first love of the fashion industry was Betsey Johnson, and I still love her.  I would say I’m going to be a Betsey girl for life.  Her brand is everything I live for, the definition of fun and funky.  Celebrity icons I love would have to be Perrie Edwards and Jesy Nelson from the British girl band Little Mix.  Their style to me is just so effortlessly cool.  I absolutely style myself after them sometimes.  I always joke that Perrie Edwards is my spirit animal; I would die to raid her wardrobe.  They both aren’t afraid to wear what they want, and they are always mixing and matching different looks.  My goal is to be some one’s fashion icon one day.

7. Where are your favorite places to shop?
When I can afford it, Topshop.  That store is just heaven to me, it’s the company I hope to work for some day.  I love American Apparel as well; their disco pants are a part of my everyday wardrobe.  Seriously, everyone should own a pair.  I’m not going to lie I still love Forever 21.  I know it’s not always the best quality, but it’s affordable and they seriously have everything.

8. Do you have any favorite designers?
Betsey Johnson for sure.

9. What’s more important to you: frequently shopping or utilizing what’s in your closet?
Of course I would love to say shopping frequently, but I’m a college student on a very limited budget.  I think it’s important to utilize your wardrobe.  Everyone wants to be able to splurge and shop whenever they want, but we can’t.  It’s crucial to make sure you have enough basics in your wardrobe to style different ways so it looks like you’re a frequent shopper!


10. How would you describe style at MU?
Very diverse.  You have everyone from athletes to fashion majors.  We also have people from all over, so it’s obvious that we all have our personal styles from where we’re from.  I think it’s great that there isn’t one standard style.  Compared to my hometown in Jersey though, I would say it’s a more preppy here.

11. What are some trends that you’ve learned or seen from MU students?
I wouldn’t necessarily say trends, but everyone dresses how they want to dress here.  Like I said it is preppier than I am used to, so it not something I really picked up.  However, I’m no longer afraid to dress how I want.  Marymount is where I’ve really found my personal style and acceptance of being who I want.

12. How has your style evolved since being at MU? Why do you think that is?
 Like I said, I’ve really found my comfort zone of style.  Before I didn’t really have a “signature”.  Now when I wear something people say it looks like me.  Even my roommates, if they wear something similar to what I would, they say that feel like me.  I like having a personal style now and being noted for it, even if it’s not their favorite.  It’s still me.

13. And finally, what’s the biggest piece of advice you can give to MU students who want to be stylish?
100% just be yourself.  I believe anyone can have style if they are radiating confidence in what they wear.  Style is about being you and displaying it for the world to see.  Clothes are an extension of us and they’re there in order to enhance ourselves.  Use them to your advantage.  Everyone can find their personal style an truly rock it.



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