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1. Love having fresh flowers in the house? Some awesome tips to keep them looking great!

2. Delicious breakfasts when I was a little girl (minus the orange juice, because there was pulp in it), steps from Bergdorf Goodman, and a surprise stay overnight on my 21st birthday are just a few reasons why the iconic Plaza Hotel is my favorite. Read this Elle’s Web Editor’s experience.

3. This #Flight370 story is just plain old frightening. How the hell does this happen?

4. Man, I wish I could argue like this three year old“Linda, honey, listen to me.”

5. My Gap boyfriend jeans are the absolute best thing to ever happen to me.

6. Florals for Spring. How groundbreaking. But these floral ankle strap pumps are perfection.

7. My sister let me wear her Chanel espadrilles. And now I want my own pair. Ugh.

Bonus link because I couldn’t leave this out: My love for SJP just grew after her answers.

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