This is what bloggers look like before they take outfit pictures in the freezing cold. You’re welcome. And now for the real stuff….

I’m really digging this buffalo plaid phase. J.Crew did a great job incorporating it in clothing, outerwear and accessories – but are we surprised? I’m happy to say that Marymount students caught onto the trend too. All over campus, you’ll find students (whether they like it or not) who are promoting this trend. Do I feel like a baby lumberjack? YUP. Do I love it? YUPPPPP.

IMG_4230 IMG_4264 IMG_4195 IMG_4242 IMG_4247 IMG_4233 IMG_4205

shirt: crewcuts boys | denim jacket: aeropostale (old) | pants: j.crew | boots: target | scarf: j.crew


7 thoughts on “OUTFIT: FOND OF BUFFALO

  1. You look adorable! I snagged the best buffalo plaid scarf from F21 this year. It’s huge, super soft, and perfect for the cold weather! I also love your jacket in your freezing photo 🙂

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