Back in Virginia, that is. The semester officially starts on Monday and I’m pretty happy about that. While I had a great break at home, and definitely wasn’t ready to leave, I got a little bored. I’m the type of person who loves to have something to do – even if it means school or work. I’m also a huge nerd, so the thought of new books and planners make me excited.


I’m back a few days early for my last semester of Ambassador training. I was talking to my boss about how it’s my last semester at Marymount. And I actually got upset – who would have thought?! Although I always say how much I can’t wait to get out of here and will never come back – I will miss the opportunities I’ve had while at Marymount and most of all, the people who have impacted my life in the best (and maybe not so great) way. I’ll definitely miss waking up and being able to walk to get a chai latte from Lola’s, or having a Chipotle less than a mile from school, or not even having to walk outside to get to the Admissions Office.


Cheers to my final semester in college – no really, let’s go get a drink.
xx Dana


7 thoughts on “AND I’M BACK

  1. Your University looks amazing, so beautiful!! Good luck for the final semester…enjoy every minute as much as you can and good luck!! xx

  2. Wow I actually applied to Marymount my freshman year! I’ve heard its a great fashion school!! It looks so much prettier now then when I went and toured the campus. Good luck this semester 🙂

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