SO LONG 2013!

2013 was definitely a whirlwind of a year for me – the difference between the first half of the year and the second half of the year was unbelievable!


The first half of 2013: I had to leave a job that I really loved, I thought I was being overworked (ha, #realitycheck), I was unhappy with a bad relationship (or lack of relationship, I should say), and I was stuck between staying in Virginia for another summer or coming home to NYC. The only good thing(s) that happened was that my family was blessed with two new additions – John (March) and Aiden (May).

And then June rolled around: I started my internship, where I learned so much about what it takes to be in the fashion industry; I went to Aruba and had the best time ever; I turned 21; Someone unexpectedly walked into my life, and I never looked back; I saw Justin Timberlake 3 times in concert; I went to Boston + Atlantic City + Philadelphia in three days; I started doing outfit posts; I saw the Pittsburgh Penguins play at Madison Square Garden, and ended 2013 by spending the holidays with the people I love the most – my family and friends.

I’m really, really, really looking forward to 2014 – I have a good feeling about this new year. First, I’ll be running the Nike Women’s Half Marathon in April. Then, I’ll be graduating in May (the 18th to be exact), and leaving the place I called home for four years. And finally hopefully, I’ll be starting a job in the fashion industry back home in New York.

Bring it on, 2014 – I’m ready.
xx Dana


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