I consider myself a pretty damn good New Yorker. I used to think DC was pretty similar to NYC…but that’s just not true at all. After being down here for three and a half years, I’ve come to know and love DC, and I’ll definitely miss it when I graduate from Marymount. But here’s what I’ve noticed about the differences between New York City and Washington DC:

Screen Shot 2013-12-05 at 8.49.11 PM

The Pace: Obviously, this is a no brainer. I’m used to walking 60 mph, and then my friends yell at me to slow down. When someone is walking slow, I make a point to sign very loudly as I’m passing them. In New York, we walk fast, it’s just what we do.

Metro/Subway: People are legitimately confused when I say anything about a subway. It took me a few weeks to realize that the DC system is called the metro. I will say the metro is ridiculously nicer than the subway, so clean!

Bars: Definitely a negative side of Virginia and DC: bars close soooooo early. Like between 1:30 and 3am. COME ON NOW. The plus side: I don’t spend as much money. When I’m home in NYC, I definitely don’t stay out too late, but I like having the option of staying out all night if I felt like it.

Brunch: I will say brunch is definitely huge in both cities. So there’s absolutely no complaining there. I think there might be more bottomless brunch spots in VA/DC.

Bike Share: I’m reaaaally going to need NYC to do away with the Citi Bikes. They are awful. No one knows how to use them. But in DC, they are awesome – I’m assuming it just seems this way because there is more space in DC.

Jaywalking: It’s a real thing in VA/DC, which is why you never see anyone crossing the street until the WALK sign. Except me. Want to spot a New Yorker? Just look for the one person crossing the street when he or she pleases.

Georgetown vs SoHo: Except for the cobblestone streets, these two places couldn’t be more different. Georgetown is known for it’s small restaurants and shopping. Which I guess is also true for SoHo, except there’s a Chanel boutique here and definitely not in Georgetown. SoHo is filled with hipsters, fashion models, and street-style photographers. Georgetown is filled with preppy jerks from Georgetown University. (But actually, Georgetown is my favorite place in DC)

Christmas Trees: ROCKEFELLER CENTER VS NATIONAL TREE? Come on, we all know which tree wins. But I will say, it’s pretty cool how each state has its own little tree in DC. And they have a big fire pit for warmth – which is actually last year’s national tree being burned!

Screen Shot 2013-12-05 at 8.54.12 PM

So who wins: NYC or DC?
xx Dana


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