Oh, the beloved Longchamp. These bags can be seen across college campus and in work setting all over the world. These bags have been around for quite some time now, but I only purchased mine in July of 2012.

But when you think about it, are these bags lifesavers? Or some sort of cult-ish accessory? It seems that everywhere I turn there’s a Longchamp. And it’s usually in black or navy…sometimes there’s the occasional red or funky color. While it’s true that this bag is water-resistant and seems to fit everything and more, are they really that fashionable? Are they really even functional? There’s only one teeny-tiny interior pocket that everything falls out of anyway. And there’s zero structure to the bag. So why do we love them so much?

Well for me, I’m going to go with lifesaver. Purchasing this bag was definitely the best decision of my life (dramatic), and definitely worth the $155 price tag. I use it for everything – it fits my laptop and planners and chargers and everything else I feel like throwing in my bag for class. I use it for traveling too – especially during short, two-day trips to New York. I used to bring a suitcase and then I realized I don’t even wear everything I bring home. And then my Longchamp saves the day. As usual.

I think it’s very clear that the Longchamp era won’t be going away anytime soon – I truly believe they’re in it for the long haul. The biggest piece of advice I can give to anyone thinking about purchasing a Longchamp: Find a way to personalize it, whether it’s a monogram, or a ribbon or something to avoid any mix-ups!


Longchamps: Love em or Hate em?
xx Dana



  1. This post is too funny! I’ve lusted over a Longchamp simply because I felt like I had to, but never been willing to pull out that chunk of change. It did always make me think if I wanted it because it was cute or cult-ish, but I think I may be purchasing one in the near future for college!

    Meredith | monogrammeredith.blogspot.com

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