Slacking on the outfit posts – and I call myself a fashion blogger? Awful. I know. I promise it will get better… I have a lot of fun outfit posts coming up soon! But when all else fails, the classic #selfie in your dorm room will never let you down.

IMG_5547Field jacket and gingham – two of my favorite things.

IMG_5620I don’t think you can go wrong with a jeweled sweater. Right?

IMG_6049Oh leather pockets, I love you so much.

IMG_6067I spy with my little eye, two field jackets – and clearly navy won because it goes with cashmere.

IMG_6097Oh yeah, I decided to cut my hair again. So there’s that.

IMG_6247I really love plaid, sweaters, and my new puffer vest.

IMG_6283I really really love my red vest and my Kate Spade scarf. Oh and I wear sunglasses inside because I think I’m cool.


A comment from you? How exciting! Thanks for reading today's post. xO

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