The Next Step

It’s nerve-wracking being a senior in college. Many college seniors have dreams of moving to New York after college, but either don’t have enough money to live or don’t know where to start looking. Luckily, I have the privilege of living in New York and will be going back there after I graduate. Unfortunately, many of my friends are putting their dreams on hold until they can save enough money to live in New York.

Enter The Next Step Reality.


They help recent college graduates find an apartment in New York in their budget. They understand and know that college students have a hard time finding a place within their means, and The Next Step Reality keeps that in mind. I think this is a great service to use, and I encourage and recent college graduates, or students who will be graduating, to look into it – especially if your dream is to live and work in New York.


From the website:

“The Next Step Realty (Next Step Realty New York, LLC) is a real estate brokerage firm designed to help recent college graduates find their first apartments in Manhattan. The Next Step Realty strictly pre-qualifies and trains appropriate rental agents to work with graduates, match makes the graduates and agents strategically, and helps graduates save money by automatically discounting broker fees. The company contracts in-house qualified agents who are given the opportunity to increase their short-term income potential, gain more experience in the field, and to maximize the quality and size of their long-term client base, while recent graduates are simultaneously given cost-effective and professional guidance on their first apartment search. Next Step maintains relationships with clients beyond their first apartment, as they grow and mature in their careers and lives in Manhattan.” 

Be sure to check out The Next Step’s website for more information!
xx Dana


3 thoughts on “The Next Step

  1. This is so nice! I really struggled when I moved to NYC right after college. This is wonderful for kids; makes the whole transitioning process a lot easier! 🙂


  2. I didn’t move to New York City until I was 27-years-old. It’s *never* too late! Hard work will lead you where you’re meant to be. Keep dreaming and don’t stress too much during your last year of college about where you’ll end up afterward. It goes by SO fast! Enjoy it, lady!

    • I feel like so many college grads get discouraged when they can’t immediately find a job in NYC or have the money to move to NYC right after college. This is definitely a great piece of advice! Thanks so much for sharing!


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