New York Must-Haves


When I think about growing up in New York, I realized it taught me so much, and definitely impacted the person I am today. I know how to strategically hail a taxi. I know exactly where to stand on the subway platform so that the door opens right in front of me. I know how maneuver my way through crowds of people with umbrellas without getting poked in the eye. I know that Houston is pronounced “House-ton” and not “Hue-ston”.

Whether you’re traveling to New York City for work or vacation, or you’ve recently moved to New York – here’s what I consider to be the “New York Essentials”.

HopStop App || Seriously, best navigation app ever. Plug in your directions and it will tell you what trains to take, buses to hop on, or corners to turn while walking.

Extra Flats/Shoes || I’ve been that girl changing from flats to heels outside on the sidewalk before going into my building. And I’ve also been that girl whose sandals broke in the middle of the street. So I’d say having an extra pair of flats in that trusty handbag of yours is for your benefit.

Groupon || Sign up for Groupon and USE it. I can’t tell you how many deals my sister has gotten on expensive brunches! It’s definitely a great way to enjoy the classy New York restaurants without breaking the bank.

ChapStick and Tissues || Nothing is worse than getting chapped lips while walking through the windy Manhattan streets. Actually – walking into a store or restaurant with a runny nose due to the cold, and no tissue is probably even worse. So yeah, throw those items into your bag.

Umbrella || Just because it can be sunny one second and literally down pour the next. (Flashback to my first day as an intern at Laundry by Shelli Segal)

Forget the Agenda || I feel like sticking to an agenda can be stressful. Personally, I can’t wait to get back home after graduation and just get lost in the city on weekends. Find new restaurants, shops, random streets. I think that’s the best way to become familiar with Manhattan and also find some places that will become your favorite.

Anything else I need to add to the list?
xx Dana


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