Weekend Retreat

This weekend was basically the official end of summer – at least for me. I always consider our annual Student Ambassador retreat the “end of summer” retreat as well. For this weekend away from campus, we go to Virginia Beach – which is always a ton of fun. Our weekend was filled with Capture the Flag in the dark with glow sticks, a sing off, and sticking our noses in vaseline to get cotton balls on them. Oh and food. TONS OF FOOD.

The point of our Ambassador retreat is to become more acquainted with everyone on our team and really just have a nice relaxing weekend at the beach. I seriously love being an Ambassador, and really love spending time with everyone. Becoming an Ambassador was definitely the best decision I’ve made while at Marymount.



IMG_5651(I like to tie bandanas around my forehead to make it seem like I’m super competitive)

xx Dana


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