this season’s bucket list


After reading Katie’s post about her Fall To-Do List (she also found the #CFD video!), I decided to make a little bucket list of my own:

GO APPLE PICKING || My Fall Break is right around the corner and I really am looking forward to spending some quality time at home with my friends and family. I’m hoping my family and I can get to an apple orchard and bring my baby cousins  with us!


FRIGHT FEST @ SIX FLAGS || I love rides. And I love Six Flags. I don’t like getting chased by scary people with chainsaws, but I end up laughing at myself and then get on the Haunted Hayride.

READ MORE || I’ve totally been slacking when it comes to reading. I would like to try and read 30 minutes each morning and night and whenever I get a chance during the day.


WATCH HOCUS POCUS || Come on. How could you not?!

GO ON A LONG WALK || Washington DC in the Fall is just as beautiful as Washington DC in the Spring. Although I’ll always believe nothing compares to New York City in the Fall, I definitely want to take advantage of Fall in DC during my last year here! 


GIVE A PRESENT FOR NO REASON || It’s always really fulfilling when I give presents, especially for no reason. I really love giving people presents to my family and friends, even if they’re something so small. A little gift can go a long way, and really make someone’s day.

TAKE MORE PICTURES || Seriously, Fall is just so beautiful when everything changes right before it gets very cold. Yes, there will be lots of typical Fall Instagram pictures – Starbucks, my sweaters, leaves, etc.


What’s on your Fall bucket list?
xx Dana


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