my humble abode

This year I decided to live in a single – which is actually kind of nice. My own space, and it’s a nice little way to get ready to adjust to real world life (if I decide to live on my own after college).


I got this white comforter last year for my room and decided I wanted to use it again. I just think it’s so classic and you could really go anywhere with colors of throw pillows.


This closet is actually bigger than my closet at my parents’ house. Crazy to think about right??? I’m so so so happy that I have a place to hang up ALL of my things and keep my cardigans, denim and pants folded. One side is for tops and button downs, and the other side is for dresses, blazers, vests, and outerwear.


My desk is still a mess, and I’ve been here for two weeks. This is not like me at all. The clutter in this picture is actually giving me anxiety! #mustfixASAP


I also have a pretty awesome view of the National Cathedral from my room. This picture obviously does not do it justice.

xx Dana

PS: The Tilda top from J.Crew is seriously one of the greatest purchases I’ve ever made. I’ve worn it just as a top, but now that it’s (slowly) becoming Fall, I want to layer it with cashmere, sweaters, blazers, and dresses!


A comment from you? How exciting! Thanks for reading today's post. xO

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