a glimpse of paradise

Last week I was sitting in paradise. Aruba was literally the best vacation I’ve ever been on. We went for a family friend’s wedding and I couldn’t even begin to explain the time we had. My mother and her friends have been close since before I was born. Which means the kids all basically grew up together. That’s why when Kristina (the bride) told us she was getting married in Aruba and wanted us all to be there – we couldn’t resist!

We arrived in Aruba at about 3:30, boarded a bus and got to our hotel in a half hour. And that’s how excited my sister was to land.

Aruba 001

My sister and I had our bathing suits in our carry on bags so that we could change right away and head down to the pool to meet with the people who went down on Tuesday.  Everyone was super welcoming and we were all so excited to be together after an entire year of waiting around for the trip!

Aruba 006

At night we all had dinner together at the buffet, and then went upstairs to the hotel bar for drinks and small-talk. Then, all of the kids (or I should say young adults) went out into town to the local bar, Gusto. We had such a good time dancing and it was probably the best way to kick off the vacation together! And of course the night ended with a late night jump into the ocean.

Aruba 024

Aruba 026

FOURTH OF JULY!!! About 20 of us headed onto a catamaran for a day of snorkeling, drinking and sun bathing. The boat dock was about 30 minutes from our hotel, so when we got back my sister and two of the other girls, Danielle and Krista, went on a bar crawl to our hotel. We had an absolute blast. We ended up meeting some locals who showed us around, people who were on the plane with us, Arubian coast guards, and a family from Texas.

Aruba 007

Aruba 008

Aruba 010

Aruba 009

Aruba 012

 Most of us spent the day outside by the pool, just relaxing before the wedding. I did end up playing beach volleyball, and my arms still hurt – I’m clearly not Misty May-Treanor.

Aruba 013

At 6, we all headed over to the beach before the bridal party and in front of 50 guests + the people that were still on the beach, Kristina and Chris married each other. Let me just tell you that I started crying the minute the bridal party started walking down the aisle and didn’t stop till the ceremony was over. It was the most beautiful thing in the world, and I’m so happy I got to share their special day.

photo (7)

Aruba 015

Aruba 016

photo (3)

Aruba 014

We had dinner at a steakhouse right on the beach, then made our way into the ballroom where we danced the entire night away. The DJ even told us that he’s never worked a party with people like us. I guess that’s a good thing.

Aruba 017


Aruba 019

photo (6)

And then of course after the reception, we all got into our bathing suits and jumped into the ocean…again.

Not much different than the other days- pool, drinks, happy hour, a beautiful sunset, dinner, after-dinner drinks, Gustos, and casino. It was a great ending to the short, yet spectacular vacation.

Aruba 021

Aruba 027

photo (5)

photo (4)

I already miss the entire Aruba crew, and I know we’ll be talking about it for a LOOOONG time. And I’m also going to need us to have a reunion again ASAP.

xx Dana

PS: Only a month and six days until I start my senior year. Where did this summer go?!


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