i’m a senior

Wait. A senior in college? Wasn’t I just going into high school? I can’t believe three years have already gone by, and I’m entering my last year before heading into the real world. Yikes.

Being a student at Marymount has taught me way more than I expected – like:

College isn’t like the TV/movies || Yes, there are parties. No, it’s not like Blue Mountain State, Project X or 21 and Over. I promise.

College is what you make it || Never in a million years did I think I’d hold a few leadership positions on campus. At first, I thought they’d look good on my resume. And then I actually enjoyed them. Being an Orientation Leader and Student Ambassador really helped accelerate skills that I’m going to use for a very long time. They’ve become such a huge part of who I am, and I’m definitely proud of myself for it.


College makes you appreciate home || As much as I love Virginia and Washington DC, being away from home made me appreciate it that much more. I appreciate seeing my family and friends, being in New York City, and home-cooked meals. I’ve learned so much at Marymount, and I know that it has prepared me for the future I want to have in NYC and the fashion industry.



College is where you meet your best friends || Of course I’m still close with my high school friends, and we’re going to continue to be best friends. But I’ve met people that have changed my life in college. In particular – Kirby, Chelsea and Maria have all brought out different sides of me, taught me a million different things, and have literally seen me at my worst (like really, my worst). I couldn’t imagine what college would be like if I never met these girls. I know that no matter where life takes us, we’ll stay in touch. (PS: I really did tear up while writing this, I miss them so much!!!)




College is over in the blink of an eye || You think high school went fast? College went by even faster. After seeing my friends graduate in May, I just couldn’t believe my time with them was over. And now it’s my turn. Everything is my “last first…” It’s just really crazy to think about. I think I would have done a few things differently, but college has been so good to me, and I know I’m going to wish that time would slow down in a few months.

xx Dana


One thought on “i’m a senior

  1. Oh my little nugget! I am so incredibly proud of you and all that you have accomplished at MU and back in NYC! Keep working hard, take risks, stay organized, be confident in your skills and what you have to offer! You’re going to do wonderful things!!!! Love you!

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