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Today’s The Style Mind features Courtney of Color Me Courtney, lover of Kate Spade – so we’re basically twins. She also has an adorable French Bulldog named Waffles, come on too cute! She was even featured on Kate Spade’s blog series The Style SpySo, ladies and gentlemen – I would like to introduce you to Courtney!

kate spade pink ballerina pink sparkle kate spade pink ballerina pink sparkle

Hey Dana, thanks so much for picking my brain and sharing it with your readers! I’m really excited for them to be able to learn a bit about me, and they can always see more of me at www.colormecourtney.com! Alright, here we go…

1. Where did you attend college?
I did my undergrad in my native state of Arizona at ASU, where I graduated with a dual major: business marketing and business tourism in 2011! I also received two certifications from ASU, one in International Business and another in English and Professional Writing in the same year. I spent last year completing my MBA with a dual emphasis in Business Marketing and Business Management with a sustainability emphasis from San Francisco State University!

2. What is your current position?
I am currently the Shop Stylist and Brand Ambassador for Kate Spade in New York City on 5th avenue!

3. How would you describe your style?
Classic with a twist! I take timeless silhouettes or vintage pieces and add a layer of whimsy to make them more me! I also over-accessorize and always add some color!

4. Who are your ultimate style icons?
Most of my style icons are actually fictional, but that doesn’t stop them from being fabulous! The one and only Carrie Bradshaw, has to be at the top of my list. I know that’s cliché, but she’s the ultimate NYC girl with crazy outrageous style and I will always idolize her. I also have a giant girl crush Zooey Deschanel! Her love for Kate Spade has lead us to share a few pieces! And last but not least, the preppy princess Blair Waldorf of gossip girl has to be another one of my favorites!

5. Where are your favorite places to shop?
Modcloth.com has to be is my absolute favorite! They have a wide range of prices, styles and even sizes, and who can say no to free returns and free shipping!? Otherwise, I like to thrift! Vintage pieces are sophisticated and timeless, they add a level of history and class to your style that you just can’t find in stores today!

6. What’s more important: frequently shopping or utilizing what’s in your closet?
Hmm, this is a toughy! I love love love to shop but I reinventing what you already own can be so invigorating. Recently, I’ve been dying for tea-length skirts and have been searching high and low for a few perfect pieces. I was about to give up when I figured out a way to convert some of my favorite kate spade dresses into skirts by tucking the top in. This discovery changes everything! It allowed me to save money while adding another layer of creativity to my wardrobe!

7. What is one trend you love, but don’t think you could pull off?
I think everyone can wear every trend; you just have to be brave enough and creative enough to make it work for you. If you know your body, experiment in your closet and shop to your strengths you might surprise yourself. For instance, when pattern mixing first started trending, I thought I wasn’t “edgy” enough, but then I started mixing girlie prints while utilizing feminine silhouettes and I fell in love! This summer, I’m dying to try the “sporty” trend although it isn’t really my style. I’m thinking of making it “Courtney” by pairing tucking a sporty tee into a fit and flair skirt with wedges, a red lip and an arm full of bangles!

8. Three favorite trends – go:
1) pattern mixing, 2) color blocking, and 3) fruity prints! 

9. Who are your lust-worthy designers?
Despite my bias, I would have to say kate spade! KSNY has a level of whimsy that is definitely splurge worthy! I have a few other favorites that I refer to as “my girls” Milly, Alice + Olivia, Lilly (Pulitzer… we’re all on a first name basis), Trina (Turk), Diane (Von Furstenberg) and Shosanna. I’m also crazy for moschino and moschino cheap and chic, and don’t even get me started on Valentino and Red Valentino… I don’t even have words to describe my obsession.

10. What is your typical go-to-work outfit?
Well, I work in a colorful and whimsical environment so I always try to dress outside the lines and put my best fashion foot forward from 9 to 5. As a result, I pride my self on dressing unexpectedly at work! But one easy go-to look is a kate spade fit and flair dress, colorful or glitter pumps, a bow belt, statement necklace, red lip and an arm full of bangles!

11. And finally, what’s the biggest piece of advice you can give to stylish college students?
Dress to impress, every second of everyday. Throughout my studies, I always dressed up for class or campus no matter what, and it helped drive me to be the best I could be. Showing up to class in sweats, or even just jeans and a t-shirt made me feel average, but walking in with my head held high and my heel even higher helped give me the confidence to speak up in class, participate and succeed. It also helped me own my personality and style and really aided in developing my sense of self and independence. Being the youngest girl in 800 level business course with a group of aspiring MBA’s was hard enough, without the judge looks from classmates at my sparkle pumps, but it made me tougher. It also gave me an opportunity to prove myself and exceed expectations, and who doesn’t love proving everyone else wrong? Anyway, now I’m rambling, back to my point … you don’t need to go all Elle Woods to stand out and make a name for yourself, but I really do believe clothes can make a difference in your energy and therefore your success! So put a little effort into your appearance in the morning (or plan the night before like I do!) and put that same effort into your studies at night and you’ll surely succeed.  

I hope you enjoyed learning a little bit more about me! For more, stop by www.colormecourtney.com

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Don’t you just love her?! Thanks for the whimsical interview, Courtney! I will absolutely be making a trip to the 5th Avenue store soon to visit!



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