the craziest two weeks ever

Okay, maybe not ever, but close to it.

On June 3rd, I started my internship at Laundry by Shelli Segal – it was an awful/awesome first day. The only awful part was the fact that it was pouring so I looked like a wet dog walking into the Perry Ellis (owns Laundry) headquarters. Luckily, so did all the other interns. We all had a nice introduction event for us, followed by some lunch, and then we were taken to our company’s offices.

20130613-162328.jpgAqua blazer || Gap khakis || J. Crew Cece flats || Kate Spade bangles

As soon as one of my fellow Laundry interns and I walked into the office, we were greeted by my supervisor, Neal. And he put us to work in the showroom. Switching hangers, steaming dresses, you know – fashion things. After making sure all of the dresses were in line sheet order, we got to sit in on our first sales appointment. It was pretty cool, and I kind of fell in love with fashion all over again.


After the day was done, my dad’s company had left over tickets to the Yankees/Indians game – so my sister and I headed on the train to the Bronx. We had a TON of fun (even though I’m not a huge baseball fan).




Tuesday and Wednesday were the start of hell. I suddenly got sick — supposedly a sinus infection, but I couldn’t move my jaw. Sooooo the doctor told me I needed to stay home for 48 hours (aka the rest of the week). AWESOME. Not really. It’s not cool to miss days on your first week at work. Thankfully, everyone at my offices were super understanding and just wanted me to get better.

So now we’re at the current week – my mouth was still killing me, so I went to the dentist and guess what? I said hello to two incoming wisdom teeth. WOO. Only not really. Thank god for painkillers (aka Motrin) and antibiotics, because I get to prolong my surgery.

*stops and takes a breath* So how’s that for the first two weeks at Laundry?!

Cheers to the freakin’ weekend everyone!
xo Dana


3 thoughts on “the craziest two weeks ever

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