ten steps to writing a cover letter

Today is my second day of my internship (more on that later). Before I landed this amazing internship at Laundry by Shelli Segal, I was constantly sending out my resume to companies that were looking for summer interns. Sprucing up your resume is a piece of cake when compared to cover letters.IMG_3794

Cover letters actually scare me. I always want them to be perfect, like they need to be perfect. It’s definitely your first impression. It took me a ton of research and a ton of practice before I “perfected” the cover letter.

First, before ALL else, research the company you’re sending the letter to. Know everything you can about them. Then, use your school’s resources to help prepare you. Write notes. And then begin to write.

Tips for a Cover Letter (for a company in the fashion industry)

1. Start with a small header. This should include your name, address, number, and email (just like your resume)
2. Date
3. Name of company/ATTN (who you’re writing to)/Address of company
4. Dear Mr./Ms.
5. Explain what position you’re applying for (for example, I’m a sales intern)
6. Explain how you heard about the internship
7. Explain what your status is (degree in progress, associates, etc.)
8. Explain why this company will help you succeed in the fashion industry
9. Explain how you will be an asset to the company, even as an intern
10. And most importantly, thank them for the consideration

xo D


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