summer commandments

Seriously the weather feels like spring and not summer – which is BORING. According to my iPhone, the weather is supposed to be in the high 80s/low 90s – whoa. I better get some beach days in soon since I start my internship next week (YAY!).

During my daily blog reading, I saw Clare’s blog post about Summer Commandments. I just had to repost them because they’re hilarious, and awesome…and so true. So here they are – the 10 Commandments that everyone needs to follow this summer!


1. Thou shalt think twice before thou chooses to wear shorts – as shorts are often cruel mistresses that ride up in the middle. Sometimes skirts are thy best.
2. Thou shalt indulge in funnel cakes because diets are for quitters.
3. Thou shalt wear sunscreen daily. No excuses.
4. Thou shalt not compare thyself to other women at the pool/beach. Thou is a gorgeous swim queen.
5. Thou shalt not go see The Hangover 3. Why is that happening, btw?
6. Thou shalt openly embrace this summer’s embarrassingly awesome pop anthem because yolo.
7. Thou shalt consider embracing the maxi skirt/dress trend because it is so cute.
8. Froyo — it should happen often.
9. Thou shalt treat thyself to the perfect bathing suit — and it doesn’t necessarily have to be a bikini.
10. Thou shalt embrace every moment of summer because before we know it winter shall arriveth again. Winter is terrible.

Summer, please don’t go away.
xx Dana


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