smells like summer

Two more weeks. Two. More. Weeks. And then I’ll be home for a whole three months. I haven’t been home for the summer since senior year of high school. I usually stayed in Virginia and worked in the Admissions Office and as an Orientation Leader. But this year, I decided to do something different.

I landed a super sweet internship in the fashion industry – and the office is located around the corner from my sister’s office/Bryant Park. Couldn’t be more perfect than that? I’m so excited to spend every day in the city I call my home, and gaining experience in the field that I’ll be working in for the rest of my life.


Can you tell I’m excited?! Plus, the first few weeks home will be filled with concerts and beach days. Oh and I’m going to Aruba in July + my birthday!!! Stoked.

I’m definitely excited to get home and see my family and friends for more than just a few days. But then I know I’m going to miss these people so much!

IMG_3800 IMG_3770 IMG_3713 IMG_3368

What are your exciting plans for this summer?!
xx Dana


3 thoughts on “smells like summer

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