over the weekend

Finally, a weekend that felt like Spring! Amazing. This weekend was pretty fun, and I truly appreciate going to school down in the DC area.

On Friday, I had SweetGreen for the first time (weird, right?) with my friends Kirby (you may remember her from this post), Shelbi, and Cynthia. Then, on Saturday after work in Admissions was finished, I hoped on the Marymount shuttle then on the metro for a day in DC.

It was National Pillow Fight Day on Saturday – so I was pretty pumped. I mean, who wouldn’t want to hit strangers in the face with a pillow????? It was pretty cool, just casually seeing people pillow fighting on the National Mall. Like I said before, it made me really appreciate attending school down near Washington.

It’s actually kind of upsetting that I only have one year left in the nation’s capital.

IMG_3711IMG_2998 IMG_3712 IMG_3719PS: I totally wore shorts on Sunday – how great is that?!


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