what i’m loving

The first few days after Spring Break are always the worst. Is it summer already?! I don’t have anything I’m really wishing for this week – but here’s what I’m loving.

Justin Timberlake Week || NBC has basically declared this week “Justin Timberlake Week”. He kicked it off with hosting Saturday Night Live – for the fifth time. No big deal, he’s just amazing. He sings, dances, acts, and is hilarious: what more could you want in a man?!

Zooey Deschanel in Kate Spade || I was just flipping through the channels, when I saw Zooey Deschanel wearing our Striped Vivien Dress to an event. I love spotting our collections on celebs!


Keds + Kate Spade || My store was one of the few to receive the new products of the Kate Spade/Keds collection. They’re amazing. And comfortable. And bring me back to the 3rd grade days (aka Grandparents Day). There may be some other KSNY goodies in that picture.
IMG_3359Penguins’ Hot Streak || There’s nothing like seeing your team playing well. And right now, the Penguins are doing better than well. My favorite player, Chris Kunitz, got a monkey trick (hat trick, but it was giveaway night at Consol) – and last night we came back from a 2 goal deficit and won the game!

Jenna Lyons || The Creative Director of J.Crew has always been a favorite of mine, especially as a style icon. This video is a great portrayal of the way she thinks and her passion for shoes.


What are you loving this week?
xx Dana


2 thoughts on “what i’m loving

  1. Did you order Keds x Kate Spade online? 🙂 Wondering how big the package if you bought in from KS Online…

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