Spring break is officially upon students at Marymount! (YAY) This week was SO hectic for me. I had three exams and a huge theology paper due, so I was preeeeetty stressed out. But today’s the day where everything is over and I have a nice week-long break. TGIF!!!


Wishing || Today is Big Nick’s birthday! I hope you have a great day, Dad! Nicole and I couldn’t have asked for a better daddy. Thanks for being our number one fan all the time! I’m so proud of everything you do for us, I love you. I’ll always be your best buddy – can’t wait to see you on Tuesday!

Anticipating || The birth of my new baby cousin, John Nicholas! This will be the third baby born in the past four years and I’m so excited to welcome him into the world. Madeline is going to be a great big cousin (again), she’s almost four, so she’s a big girl now. Charlie is going to be confused as to why his mommy is giving a new baby all of his attention – but that’s okay because we’ll take care of him!

IMG_0123Baby Maddie’s first day in the world – May 2009. I cannot believe she’s going to be four years old!
Isn’t she the prettiest girl in the world?!
Little C when he was two months old – this was my first time being here, BOOOO BEING A COLLEGE STUDENT!!!
This big headed boy makes our lives a million times better, he’s only two and he knows how to get the whole room laughing! (Oh and we like to give him champagne on Christmas…kidding).

Wanting || 
RayBan aviators – I seemed to have misplaced mine, and I really need a new pair. Like now.

Missing || My best friends. I haven’t seen them since Christmas. Not cool. But we all just got JT and Jay-Z tickets, soooo I can’t be mad. (SORRY ERICA, it was WAY too hard trying to find a picture with all of us!)

What are you currently up to?!
xx Dana


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