wish list wednesday – legends of summer

I only have one wish this Wednesday – and that’s to score tickets to see Justin Timberlake and Jay-Z in Boston!

Two days ago, five of my best friends and I got tickets to see the show in Philadelphia – I almost passed out in class when they all agreed to go. Clearly, seeing him only once is NOT enough for me!

Let me back up a little. My obsession with Justin Timberlake started when I was just 6 years old, and I watched the NSYNC Disney Concert in my basement. My sister, Nicole, told me that I wasn’t allowed to like Justin or JC because they were hers, so I was stuck with Lance. (#littlesisterproblems) But nothing could keep me from obsessing over 17 year old JT. My first concert was at Westbury Music Hall – in a little venue. We were about three rows up. Then, I saw NSYNC at Giant Stadium and Madison Square Garden – I can’t count how many times!

And the rest is history – I stuck by JT through it all: the bad denim outfits, the curly blonde fro, the breakup with Britney, his solo career and his acting career.

And then there were the three FutureSex/LoveShows. HEAVEN!

justinn timberlakeee 014Mhmmm, I was ALL UP IN HIS FACE!
justinn timberlakeee 031 justinn timberlakeee 034Casual, the only 14 year old in VIP, I’ll take it.
justinn timberlakeee 056The best picture I’ve ever taken! Absolutely no zoom – he was that close to us!
justinn timberlakeee 077My favorite JT toast of all time: “So in the spirit of keepin’ it loose New Yawwwk, I like to do this every show, well, because I just like to drink. But I’d like to share a toast with you. It’s not many times you get to be in the Garden, in New York City, on HBO. So if you got one down at the bars (THAT’S WHERE WE WERE, HELLO VIP!), or up in the stands, hold it up. There ya go, I knew I felt it home here – you guys like to drink. So, first of all, to the greatest city in the world. And lastly, certainly, and definitely not the least, like I said before: I just like to drink – SO HERE’S TO YOU, BIG APPLE.”

Then, he proceeds to take a shot of tequila.

And that’s why I love Justin Timberlake. The fact that he’s touring with Jay-Z just makes it 100x better. Freaking out just thinking about the concerts on August 10 and August 13. THIS IS GONNA BE THE BEST SUMMER EVER!

Who’s your celebrity love? And no, you can’t take JT – he’s mine.
xx Dana


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