six things

Here are some things you may not know about me:

1. I’m petrified of clowns. I have this ridiculous memory of going to the circus with my two cousins, Philly and Jeremy, and riding an elephant. When I was ready to come off, I remember a clown helping me down – and I’m pretty sure he was going to kidnap me. I may have exaggerated a little, but I think this is why I have a real phobia of clowns. Plus, come on, have you seen the movie IT?! YIKES!

2. My middle name is Amelia. I used to be so embarrassed of my middle name, and I’m not really sure why – maybe because it was old fashioned. But now, I’m proud of it because it’s my grandma’s name, and she’s the best person ever! I almost wish my parents would have named me Amelia, it’s actually pretty adorable!

3. I am a new hockey fan. Based off a few other posts, you would think that I’ve loved hockey for years. Well, actually it’s only been three. But in those three years, I’ve actually really fallen in love with the sport. The fighting, the plays, the goals, the players, I love it all!!! I think it’s one of the best sports ever, and I know my Uncle Joe would be pretty proud of me for liking hockey just like he did (minus the fact he was a Rangers fan and I like the Penguins)!

4. I hoard J.Crew magazines. It’s really weird actually. I have a ton of them, and only look through each one once, and then just stack them in a nice pile. They take up a ton of space, and that’s about all they’re good for. Oops.
j crew catalogue

5. I played basketball for 11 years. Yup, this 5’2 girl played basketball for a good portion of her life. I even played travel. I was a shooting guard, and I absolutely loved those 3-pointers. I quit when I got to high school because I felt I would be more successful in Cross Country and Track (which I was).

6. I switched my major. Fashion has always been something I was certain about. So naturally, I started off as Fashion Merchandising major. First semester during sophomore year, I was in a Clothing Construction class and HATED IT! I hated it so much that I couldn’t take it anymore. So one day, I walked upstairs to Arts and Sciences and changed my major to Communication with a focus in Public Relations. I’m still minoring in Fashion Merchandising, but I feel like I know enough about fashion and the PR aspect is what I really needed to learn. Best choice I’ve made while at Marymount!

xx Dana


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