wish list wednesday

One thing I REALLY wish I had: more money to spend! I’m trying to do this whole “being responsible” thing and saving money – such a tough life, right?! #collegestudentprobs

Screen Shot 2013-02-19 at 10.49.29 PM

Duck Boots || I used to think these were the ugliest things ever, but now I just think they’re adorable. I need to save up a little to buy them ($120) but I already have a ton of outfits that I can wear around these adorable boots! I wish J.Crew still had the ones that came in pink or green.

Tulle Skirt || This anthropologie has been on my wish list for months! It’s all sold out now, but I’ve been seeing tulle skirts popping up everywhere! They’re so adorable. Yeah, I guess they’re not very practical, but I think I could make it work…occasionally.

Goreski Glasses || Brad Goreski is probably one of the best stylists in the world. The best part? He’s our EXCLUSIVE BRAND STYLIST at kate spade. So what do we do? We make adorable bracelets, rings and necklaces honoring him and his infamous glasses. I need to get my finger on one of the rings (ha, get it?)

Justin Timberlake || A girl can dream, right? Kidding. But I just want The 20/20 Experience to come out already so that JT can begin touring. You better believe that my sister and I will be there! We wouldn’t miss our man for the world!

Spring Break || Marymount’s Spring Break is pretty early this year, probably considering how early Easter is. I just really want to go home so I can see my family and friends, I miss everyone so much. PLUS, BABY JOHN WILL BE HERE!!! My family is all so excited to meet our newest addition, and I’m excited to be a big cousin to another awesome baby!

What’s on your wish list this week?
xx Dana


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