I took a week off from blogging because I’ve just been feeling overworked. Not in a bad way though. For a college student, I feel like I have a lot on my plate: two jobs, full-time student, and this blog. I love all of the things I do because I feel like I’ll be well-prepared for the real world.

Besides working all weekend, plus Student Ambassador meetings, I’ve done a whole lot of nothing. Laying in bed with my iPad and Netflix was a beautiful thing – that’s basically what I did yesterday after class. I found Drop Dead Diva on Netflix and was so excited because I used to love that show, but was so far behind on the episodes. So, I decided to start from the beginning…it was amazingNow I’m getting out of this little funk and getting back to work. I have a few fun posts lined up for the rest of week, but Wish List Wednesdays will resume next week!!! Here’s what I’ve been up to lately, according to my Instagram.

IMG_3192Wore my newest favorite dress to work – the Harlow – I’m kind of sort of maybe obsessed with it. It looks great on everyone!
Stalking the Penguins on Instagram and seeing that Letang is skating again. The fact that he’s good-looking is just a plus!
IMG_3171My new chambray popover from J.Crew factory has been worn way too many times in the past week. But for class, I loved pairing it with my Helen Too leopard flats and Pixie pants…oh and can’t forget my pearls!
And finally, playing dress up at work – because that’s what we do on weekends at kate spade – one of the many reasons why I love my job.

xx Dana


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