wish list wednesday

Another day, another wish list.
Screen Shot 2013-02-05 at 9.50.24 PMLibrary Card || You should all know by now that I’m very much a huge nerd. When I was younger, I remember begging my mom to take me to the library, and I would take out a million books just because I could. Then, I’d take them home, build a fort with blankets and the dining room chairs, and read for hours. I just applied for a card online, and I’m not going to lie, I’m pretty excited to start going to the library. FREE BOOKS!

Penguins Jersey || After going to my fifth Penguins game, I realized I really would like to invest in another jersey. Hockey fans, who should I get: Letang, Neal, or Kunitz???

Keurig || I love tea, and hate coffee. I feel like a Keurig is the perfect investment for a college student. It’s fast and convenient, especially those days when I’m running late to class!

Le Pen || I’m very specific about what types of pens I use and I normally use pencils in my planner (can’t have any ugly cross outs!). I’ve heard nothing but good reviews, and see them all over Instagram. So many different color pens, I don’t think I can go wrong.

Boyfriend Jeans || As I was going through my daily blogs for the day, I came across a blogger wearing these boyfriend jeans from the Gap. And I kind of fell in love. I haven’t found a good pair of boyfriend jeans yet, either they’re too baggy or too tight – and I think these jeans would be perfect!

Oxford || I have a ton of oxfords, but I haven’t made the plunge to spend $90 yet. Obviously Ralph Lauren oxfords are great quality and last forever, so I think I need to suck it up and save some money to buy this classic piece for my closet.

What’s on your wish list this week?
xx Dana


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