Happy Friday and Happy February! I cannot believe January is already over, 2013 is going by really fast! This week was pretty laid back, I got all of my work done early on in the week, so I just got to sit back and relax the past few days!


Loving || My new Russell and Hazel planner – OBSESSED! It’s so perfect for me. And it’s a mini-binder so I’ll be able to reuse it every year. I saw Russell + Hazel for the first time on Carly’s blog, and I’ve had my eye on one for a while! I just got it yesterday and I’ve already written so much! In case you didn’t know, I have a really weird and sick obsession with planners, I just love being organized!
Watching || 
Bridesmaids. This movie will never get old. EVER.

Munching || Georgetown Cupcakes. My friend, Chelsea, and I decided randomly to take a drive across the Key Bridge and get some cupcakes. So delicious! I may or may not have had three. 

Wishing || 
My lovely sister a Happy 27th Birthday! Love you Nicole!
Anticipating || 
The Penguins vs Capitals game on Sunday. Seriously, I CANNOT WAIT!!! After a few rough games, we played amazing and beat the Rangers – I hope we can keep up the good playing!
Have a good weekend!
xx Dana



2 thoughts on “Currently

  1. I just started looking at/following your blog myself and it is soo cute! I too am obsessed with planners/organization and love following Carly on the College Prepster! Thanks for the super cute posts!


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