Not An Earlybird…Yet

Waking up early has ALWAYS been difficult for me. I just love sleeping too much. Sometimes I wonder how I even woke up at 7:00am in high school. In college, I was SO excited that I could create my own schedule. I knew there was no way I could ever sign up for an 8am class — so I never did.

Since I’m getting closer and closer to graduation (a year and five months to be exact), I started to realize I’m going to have a 9am-5pm job one day and I’m going to need to get used to waking up early. So, I decided to change my morning routine.

My first problem was that I was going to sleep entirely too late. I mean hellooooo, it’s college and I have four roommates – of course we’re going to stay up late watching chick flicks and stuffing our faces with the Marymount special from Dominos (so gross, yet so good!). The new semester meant no more of that “going to bed at 3am thing” anymore. Now, I try to get to bed by 1am – and I’m slowly trying to make that time earlier.

The next thing I realized was that I needed to get up earlier than 30 minutes before my class. I didn’t allow myself enough time to wake up and make sure I was prepared for all of my classes and even work. Now, I wake up at least two hours before my class in order to get ready for the day. I’ve found that waking up earlier makes me more tired by the end of the day, so I’m inclined to go to sleep earlier!

I’ve only been waking up earlier for a week now, but I feel SO much better. I’ve already started getting into a comfortable routine. I feel refreshed and prepared by the time I need to get to class!

Screen Shot 2013-01-21 at 11.00.59 PM

1. Waking Up || This is the hardest part! I set my alarm for 8:45 every morning and give myself fifteen minutes to stretch and get out of bed. I’ve taken some tips from Levo League articles (here and here) I found, and put my phone on the other side of my desk, so I need to get up and turn it off.

2. Read || Reading a book at my leisure is much more effective in the morning. It helps my mind wake up, and I get to read something that I really enjoy! I try to read for at least thirty minutes!

3. Read and Reply to Emails || I wake up with about 15 emails a day (junk mail, stores, my boss, etc.) There’s usually about two emails I need to reply to, so I get that done before anything. Then, I read The Skimm. If you aren’t subscribed to it, I highly recommend you do! It’s an email newsletter that gets you caught up on ALL the latest news, so you’re not caught up in a five page article on something you can barely understand!

4. Assignments || I check my planner every morning and make sure all of my assignments for my classes are done. They usually are, but there may be something I missed. By waking up earlier, I allow myself enough time to finish a quick textbook reading or a small written assignment (I’m not talking about 20 page papers!)

5. Tea || I am a HUGE tea-drinker, and I HATE COFFEE (*gasps*)!!! I always make my morning tea in my kate spade mug because it makes me happy! Before I leave for class I make another cup to go as well because I love drinking tea in class — especially after walking across campus in the cold!

6. Get Dressed || I always pick out my outfit and pack my bag the night before and hang them on my wardrobe door, this way I don’t waste any time thinking about what to wear. In the morning, I always check the weather just in case there’s random snow or rain.


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