Happy Friday! Today marks the end of my first week back to school! It was a good week. All of my classes are really interesting, and I’ve made a goal to get a 4.0 this semester – hey, don’t laugh! It can happen!

I’ve decided that every Friday I’m going to do a “Currently” post. I’ve seen a ton of other bloggers do it, and I think they’re really interesting……so I hope mine are as well!


Reading – Lone Wolf by Jodi Picoult. When I saw that Jodi Picoult had a new book out, I knew I needed to get it even though I was in the middle of another book, To Kill a Mockingbird to be exact. I just started it, and I’m only fifty pages in, but it’s SO intriguing. I love all of Picoult’s book because of the way she writes in so many different perspectives. I’m looking forward to getting more into this book!

Watching –
American Horror Story, the first season. Ok this show is NUTS. I started watching it and finished the entire first season within a few days. It’s without a doubt one of the freakiest shows I’ve ever seen. Now I just need to wait for the second season to come on Netflix! Also watching, Downton Abbey. UH HELLO, HAVE YOU SEEN THE FASHIONS ON THIS SHOW? Thanks to my Survey of Fashion professor, I’m obsessed. I’m a little behind, but thankfully it’s on Netflix (god’s gift to the world!)

Obsessing –
Kate Spade’s Things We Love in honor of celebrating 20 years! Each month has a different theme in which the collections will reflect. This month’s theme? POP OF COLOR! My goal is to incorporate a pop of color in everything I wear, not only to work at kate, but also in my every day outfits. I absolutely adore our coffee table book, Things We Love, so much that I look through it every night. I am so lucky to work for this AMAZING company!

Eyeing – 
Louboutins. Yes, we all know I steal my sister’s Louboutins every time I’m home, but I think it’s time to get my own pair. It’s a HUGE splurge, but also a big investment – which is worth the $$$$$$. I think I’ll start saving up to buy a pair of the classic black pumps soon 🙂

Doing – 
Yoga. I’ll admit, I’ve been slacking lately. Since I’ve been back at Marymount, I wanted to start getting back into my yoga routine. I cannot wait for class to start up again on the 28th, this way I’ll have a designated place and time to get a great session in! I also want to get back to the Bikram studio, so I definitely need to get my friends to join me!

Listening – 
Suit and Tie by Justin Timberlake. UH HELLO?! He’s a musical genius, we can all agree on that. A lot of people don’t like the song and I think it’s because it’s not mainstream enough for them. JT actually wrote the song and picked the beat to it because his new album is all about what inspired him to be a musician. So lots of jazz and classic music will be reflected in his new album, The 20/20 Experience.

Wearing – 
My kate spade girl about town scarf. I literally wear it with EVERYTHING. It’s so comfy and warm, and just reminds me of my favorite city and home, NYC!
IMG_0568(Notice my pop of color?)

What are some of your “currently’s”?!
xx Dana


8 thoughts on “Currently…

  1. You can totally get a 4.0!! Go for it, that’s so awesome! And yes, everything and anything Kate Spade I am always currently obsessed with 🙂

  2. I love Currently post! They are so fun to read. Good luck on achieving that goal! I think you can do it!I’m sure you have a great plans to succeed that 🙂 I went crazy when I saw that book! Def ordering it next month. Though I wasn’t really into the whole song, I am still excited to hear the rest of his album.
    Just like you I fell off my yoga routine since I’ve gotten my puppy. I just started yesterday doing yoga and hoping to do at least once a day and even if its 10-15 min int he morning it does make a difference.
    Your outfit for work is magical! Love the colors and the shoes!

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