Ok call me a nerd but — I love when a new semester at Marymount begins, it’s like a fresh start! I’ve always been extremely organized because it creates a better working environment. I try to never put it off, or else I’ll feel like I’m already behind.

One of the first things I do when I get back to school is clean my dorm and do my laundry. I’m usually a neat person, but I was too busy to constantly clean my room during the Fall semester.

I always create new folders for all of my classes. It helps keep me organized and keep assignments and papers all in order.

Picture 1I always stalk Blackboard to make sure that I know when a professor puts up the syllabus for a class. As soon as I get it, I write down all of the important dates in my planner, this way I’ll be ahead of the game from the beginning.

I would be LOST without my planner. I take it EVERYWHERE! I use my iPhone and Google Calendar, but I need to write things down as well. I actually have two planners: one for school assignments and things I need to get done for Student Ambassadors, and the other is for my work schedule and this blog.

image (1)This is my newest planner from Brittany Fuson. I love it! All of her sketches are so chic, and I thought it would be the perfect planner for Pink Champagne Problems and my Kate Spade work schedule!

image (2)I’ve been using this myAgenda from momAgenda planner since the end of September, and I’m absolutely in love with it. If you know anything about me, you know I love leopard print more than anything — so I naturally got the leopard print planner and of course personalized it with my initials.

ALWAYS write in pencil when I’m using my planner – this way it will look neat if I need to change something, cancel a meeting, etc. I usually keep post-its in my planner as well for some daily to-do lists or just simple reminders.

So there you have it, how I organize for a new semester. What are some of your organizing habits? I’d love to know!

xx Dana


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