New Year, Same Me

I may or may not be freaking out because I cannot believe it’s already 2013! I’m a JUNIOR in college — three more semesters until I’m officially a “big girl”.

When I think of New Year’s resolutions, I don’t think of what I need to change about myself – I just think of things that I’d like to accomplish without changing who I am.

354666448762734648_9684129Read More || This is a huge goal of mine. I’ve loved to read ever since I could remember, but since I’ve been in college, it’s a little tough to read a three 100-page chapters of my Public Relations textbook and then a leisure book as well. So this year, I want to make the time to read more: in the morning when I wake up, and before I got to sleep at night. I even asked for a few new books for Christmas to help me get started!

356490074092767611_9684129Time Management || Between school and my two jobs on and off campus, I’m a pretty busy girl. I’ve always been pretty good as managing my time, and I always get things done, but I think I need to work on getting things done right before they’re due. It would help me be a lot less stressed!

LogoBlogging || I’m extremely new to the blogging world, but I’ve already met so many people who have set great examples on how blogging should work. Writing and blogging is something that I thoroughly enjoy, and I can see it becoming a part of my life for a long time.

IMG_0316Letters || Since I love writing so much, I’ve decided that I want to write more handwritten letters to my family and friends more often. It’s more personal, and I love letting the special people in my life know how much I love and miss them!

355866784361908947_9684129Style || I’d say over the past few months, my style has gone from whatever I felt like/trendy to very classic and preppy, sometimes with a fun twist. This is what I love about the fashion industry, you’re allowed to do whatever you want with style until you find one that you feel comfortable with — I think this style suits me best.

Believe in myself || I read this article on USA Today College and I thought it was a great thing to add to my 2013 accomplishments:

“As University of Arkansas senior Saba Naseem writes in The Arkansas Traveler, ‘Keep your head up and hold on to your dreams. Giving up is the ultimate failure. You won’t achieve anything that way. I’ve realized that perhaps I won’t achieve my goals the way I planned, but there are other avenues, and perhaps this is an opportunity for me to explore those. There is something out there for everybody. It’s just a matter of determination, of patience and believing in yourself.'”

What are your New Year’s Resolutions?
xx Dana


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