Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays

(Clearly I’m still in love with the NSYNC Christmas album from the 2000s)

I could not be happier to be home in New York City for the holidays! It’s already the greatest city in the world, and the holidays just make it that much more special. On Sunday evening, I made the obligatory trip to Manhattan to see the tree and walk on Fifth Ave. to see all the gorgeous window displays!

IMG_2890This year’s tree was actually one of the few that survived Hurricane
Sandy at the location before it came to Rockefeller Center. Meant to be!


In the past, we’ve never had a big Christmas Eve party. It was always just my mom, dad, sister, and I at our house. This year, we decided to join my cousins, aunt, uncle and grandma — and it was the best Christmas Eve ever!
IMG_2857Me and my cousin — and a little baby bump! (coming March 2013!)


Christmas Day still makes me feel like a little kid. My 27-year-old sister and I were still impatient as we waited for my parents to be ready to go to the den and open presents. Although I knew most of my presents, I still was so excited to finally be able to use them! Oh and my sister was the greatest and SURPRISED me with Kenny Chesney and Eric Church tickets — almost died!

set-3The presents I got were great, but the highlight was definitely seeing my family and little baby Charlie!
IMG_2864Little C sporting his new outfit courtesy of the Mannarino
sisters — including 7FAM jeans and UGG boots.

I can’t wait to continue to enjoy my days at home before heading back to Marymount for Student Ambassador training!

Merry Christmas and Have a Happy New Year!
xo Dana


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