Prepping for the Real World

Even though I am only a junior in college, I felt that it was necessary for me to create a business card: something that I could give to prospective families after tours, any new people I meet, etc. I turned to Vistaprint to create my cards because they give you 200 “free” cards (just need to pay for shipping). Here’s how my cards turned out:

photo (15)

I decided to use my card for Admissions purposes only, but now I feel like expanding to using cards for blogging purposes! It’s another great way of getting recognition for your blog! I’m currently in the process of creating the perfect card as we speak (sort of!).

Here are some things to keep in mind while creating business cards:

  • Write your name, the one you go by — unless you have a ridiculous nickname!
  • Email address
  • Title — i.e. Student Ambassador Coordinator
  • Blog Address
  • Phone number
  • Address — I added my address to my card because I still love a good old fashion, handwritten note!
  • BE CREATIVE, BUT NOT OVERWHELMING! You don’t want the design of your card to take away from the information on your card! (I chose a simple template for my cards)

I think it’s really important for college students to have business cards, especially if they have an internship or even a part-time job. You never know who you’ll meet! It looks extremely professional, and if you have a fancy business card you’ll definitely make an impression on whoever you’re giving it to!

What are you waiting for?! Go create an awesome business card!
xx Dana


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