Rainy Days

After a few beautiful days at Marymount University, today was just — soggy and empty. As finals ended, students quickly found their ways back home. For me, I need to stick around another week or so to work in the Admissions office, as well as my other job at the mall.

I hate commuting to work in the rain — I don’t think there’s anyone who would disagree with me! No matter what I’m wearing – pants, skirt, dress – I always turn to my trusty Hunter wellies. They’re my favorite because they’re classic and do exactly what they’re supposed to do — keep my feet dry! I’ve owned the tall classic green Hunters for about a year, and they go with everything. When I first purchased them, I prayed it would rain so that I’d be able to wear them!
hunter-original-green-wellingtons-wellies-click-here--83-pDuring my most recent trip to Nordstrom Rack, I picked up a new pair of wellies for just $50, a great price for Hunters! I decided to go with the black quilted pair because I feel like it’s just as classic as my green ones, but the quilted just adds a little something extra!

Overall, I recommend Hunter wellies to anyone who is looking for a pair of boots that will be able to withstand rain, sleet, or snow without dulling down your adorable outfit!

xx Dana


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