Finals Week Survival Guide

Finals week: one of the most stressful periods during a college student’s career. Endless hours at the library, cramming, and tons of caffeine. Sounds awesome right? Wait, it gets better…how about taking finals with an awesome cold (sarcasm at its finest)? I’ve put together a list of some necessities that help get me through these dreadful days, and maybe they can help you too!


Magazines || For me, I like to have a few magazines with me for small breaks. I usually just look at the pictures, so I could get my mind off of reading things for a while!

Headphones || Music is a necessity during finals. Although some look at is as a distraction, I see it as motivation!

Macbook || Obviously for doing work, but it can be helpful to take a few breaks and maybe do some online browsing or shopping? Be careful, don’t get sucked into that black hole!

Starbucks || Can’t go wrong with something caffeinated!

Grilled Cheese || My favorite study meal!

Red Bull || Needed to get through that last chapter or that last page in your paper

A Good Book || A book helps me keep my mind active while getting away from studying for classes!

Scarf || I like to be comfy and cozy when I’m studying, so I usually have a scarf on

Planner || STAY ORGANIZED!!! Make a To-Do List of everything you need to accomplish, and put it in the order you would like to accomplish it!

Sugar ||  DUH!!!

xx Dana


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