Hurricane Sandy

The past two days have been a whirlwind, to say the least. Hurricane Sandy ripped through the east coast. While the rain and winds were pretty bad down in the DC area, I was more worried about my family in New York City. Streets, houses and cars were flooded with up to 6 ft of water, and many of my friends and family needed to evacuate their homes. Over 100 boats from the marina found their way to our main street, Hylan Boulevard. Luckily, all of my loved ones are safe, but the island that I call home is destroyed. It will take us a long time to recover, but New Yorkers can get through anything!

This is what was left of the Marina in Staten Island. Devastating.

On Monday and Tuesday, classes were cancelled. Thanks to MU Alerts and e-mail updates, we were notified well in advance on school closings, as well as how to be prepared for emergencies. The metro was not running, and there was really nothing to do. So might one might think. Naturally, Claire and I put on our rain boots, Ambassador jackets, stylish scarves, and headed out to get some sushi before Sandy decided to get fierce. Then, we decided it was also necessary to bake cookies and cupcakes — as well as have a nail painting party. We called up our friend, picked her up at campus, and headed back to Claire’s apartment. Although there was a lot of worrying throughout the day and evening, we overcame Hurricane Sandy in style 🙂


During emergencies, it’s scary to be away from your home while you’re at school. Marymount had sent out an e-mail giving specific instructions about different situations that could happen throughout the weekend. Our dining hall was still open, so only the residents on Northside of campus needed to venture out to get to the dining hall. One of my fellow bloggers, Alexis, posted about her hurricane experience! Be sure to check it out!


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