A Statement Necklace Kind of Day

Sweater: J. Crew, Pants: J. Crew (old), Flats: Target,
Wallet: kate spade, Necklaces: J. Crew (similar)

To be honest, some days I’m really torn between what to wear on days when I have class and then work. I don’t want to put one outfit on in the morning, and then change a few hours later. On Monday, I had two classes, Psychology and Journalism, and then I needed to go to work. I decided to compromise my outfit — wear bright pink eyelet pants, tone it down with a monogrammed sweater, and add a few layers of pearls. To me, pearls (or any statement necklace for that matter) are almost necessary with any outfit. Pearls, in particular, make any outfit dressier and classier! Next time you get dressed, add a layer of pearls and I’m sure you’ll love your outfit even more!

Dress: J.Crew Belt: J.Crew (ON SALE) Necklace and Bracelet: Old J.Crew
Shoes: Nordstrom, similar style here Travel Wallet: Kate Spade Outlet
Lipstick: Mac “Please Me”

This past Monday was one of those Indian summer days here in the NOVA area, which made it a lot easier to get inspired to get dressed for class and work. At a lovely 75 degrees a dress seemed like the appropriate choice, but I didn’t want to go completely overboard and abandon the season totally, so using a pastel necklace added the perfect touch. The black studded belt was something I kind of threw on at the last minute before I left for the day, so that meant I had a 50/50 chance of actually liking it or being stuck wearing it, lucky for me I liked it! Confession: I’ve only actually worn this dress once before- I was drawn to the color because I look pretty fantastic in it, but it also happens to be Marymount Blue!


A comment from you? How exciting! Thanks for reading today's post. xO

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