Dorm Room DIY

Although I’m not living in a dorm room anymore, I am always looking for fun little touches to decorate my studio apartment with (which is really just like a dorm room). I also love helping Dana find ways to make her dorm room look a little more homey. Naturally I look to Pinterest as my source of inspiration.

Both of us have been longtime fans of Jen Ramos’ Cocoa & Hearts original artwork (http://www.cocoaandhearts.com/) which inspired this little DIY! As college students, we know how expensive it can be to decorate dorm rooms. We created this cute and easy way to spruce up any room that needs a pop of color. Enjoy!

xx Claire and Dana

You Will Need:
– A few 4×6 index cards
– 5 or 6 lipsticks
– 4×6 picture frame
– 10 minutes to spare

Step 1: Gather all of your materials — lipsticks, index cards, picture frame.

Step 2: Choose your color palate. At first, we were going to use six different colors, but realized that five was a better choice.

Step 3: Make strips of each color that you want in your picture frame. Make sure you leave a little room between in order to have space for smearing.

Step 4: Smear the lipsticks to create a smooth look

Step 5: Put in the picture frame, and vuala!

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