Midnight Madness

Midnight Madness has always been one of my favorite annual events on campus. The fact that everyone comes out on the same night for free food, shirts, games, and of course to ring in the basketball season! This will be my third Midnight Madness, and I can honestly say that every year is completely different than the year before.

What is Midnight Madness? It’s an event to celebrate the start of our basketball season — as well as all other Marymount sports. It always occurs on October 14th, since basketball season starts on October 15th. Basically, Midnight Madness is a big pep rally. Models from our two annual fashion shows, Voyage to Utopia and Portfolio in Motion, show their catwalk skills in a fun-filled routine. Quiet Storm, our step team, gets the energy levels going. There is also a chance for a student to win FREE TUITION if they make a shot from half court!

Getting ready for the madness!

You are truly able to see Saints’ spirit on this night. This is one of my favorite things about Marymount. Even though we are a small campus, we are a family. We have a huge sense of pride in our university, and Midnight Madness is the perfect setting to show it off.

Roommates showing their Saints Spirit!

Sharing laughs before heading into the gym!

In the end, win or lose, we still have so much love for our athletes. It really is like we’re part of a family. Midnight Madness is the best place to see all of this enthusiasm come to life. I think this is why Midnight Madness is one of my favorite events on campus. I already can’t wait for next year!

xx Dana

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